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Meet Kelly Newton, Kelly is a dedicated leader with a clear vision and a natural born artist. Kelly has an extensive background in the beauty and modeling industry for over 20 years. 



Besides creating amazing organic spa products, Kelly has created the newest innovation...with her artist's eye for form and color, she has developed and perfected her own technique that is totally natural looking and customized for each client.  It truly is one-of-a-kind with the most beautiful results for brows, scalp and lips.


Kelly specializes in new brows, microblading correction, brow scar revision, scalp pigmentation, and permanent lip tinting.


In her spare time, Kelly trains very select individuals her exclusive technique and likes to write about herself in the third person.



Kelly Newton - brow artist


Founder, Master Artist & Trainer

"A painter shows you what she painted, but an artist shows you why she painted it".

-Kelly Newton

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