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  • How is Best Brows different from microblading?
    The tool we use to introduce the pigment into the skin is different than the microblading technique. Also, in the healed results...pigment retention is much greater, true to color and lasts a lot longer. Our technique is less invasive and less traumatic to the skin. Microblading also requires A LOT of touch ups which eventually you will no longer be able to have ANY enhancements added to your brows as the pigment will no longer hold.
  • Do the results really look that different from those of microblading?
    They are both permanent makeup but completely different methods of implanting the pigment. We have a lot more precision because it’s a ‘one point’ starting point which gives us the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin. We can be more creative and go beyond simple hair strokes to obtain natural healed results. Microblading is cookie-cutter brows (everyone gets the same brows) in addition, the technique alone not only heals terribly, it's actually very terrible for your skin. Microblading consists of using a razor blade and slicing you open. The "cuts" have to be reinforced several times in order to achieve "hair strokes" (which don't heal as such) just below the surface...which again is creating more scar tissue each time that cut is reinforced. Not to mention you are required to go back in 4-6weeks to do it ALL over again....then every few months. Due to this dinosaur (outdated) technique tremendous amounts of scar tissue is formed and eventually you will NOT be able eligible for brow enhancements from anyone.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    It takes about 2 hours. It is very detailed work. The hair strokes are extremely fine and require a lot of precision and patience. Some individuals may require multiple sessions along with different needles and pigments to accomplish best results. (Additional fees will be applied).
  • Is it painful?
    We numb in the beginning of the session and throughout the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Please take into consideration that when the hormone levels are high in women [a.k.a. around you period time], the skin can be a bit more tender. However, we have been told multiple times that our procedure is a breeze compared to microblading.
  • How long is the healing time?
    The most important are the first 7 days of healing. All in all, it takes 30-45 days depending on your age, skin type and how sensitive you may be. But unlike microblading, you can say farewell to unsightly scabs and ointments. Under Kelly's expert care, the healing process is a breeze, leaving you looking fabulous every day all while the healing unfolds imperceptibly.
  • How long do the results last?
    The results can last up to 36 months before a refresher is needed. Some individuals will require a touch-up after initial procedure if you've had microblading and/or a lot of scar tissue. Your skin, lifestyle and after care play a huge roll in YOUR results. EVERYONE heals differently.
  • Can I have Botox or chemical peels before or after my procedure?
    No Botox for 2 weeks prior to your procedure if applied in the brow area. No chemical peels 30 days before or after procedure.
  • Can I have alcohol and/or wax prior to my procedure?
    Absolutely no alcohol or caffeine 24-hours before application. No brow waxing or tinting 3 days prior to procedure.
  • Do you shave/remove all my natural hair?
    No, unlike microblading...we keep as much natural hair as possible for the best results. We may remove a few strands for perfect shaping BUT that is all.
  • What if I have oily skin?
    Our technique goes a lot deeper than Microblading and works with ALL skin types. However, you may need a color booster in 1-2 years. It really depends on your lifestyle and how well you take care of them.
  • How do you determine the best shape for me?
    There is only one perfect brow shape – it’s the one measured for your face and your face only. We do not believe in cookie-cutters brow (where as others use stencils)...we are artists and customize each and every brow for the most natural looking results. We are unique, so should be our brows.
  • Do you offer shading or blocked brows?
    We think natural looking brows are the best. Therefore, we do not offer shading a/k/a sharpie brows, blocked brows or anything unnatural looking. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone we feel isn’t a good fit.
  • What kind of pigments do you use?
    We use only the freshest, highest quality pigments available on the market today hand selected and custom blended by our Creator- Kelly Newton. What we offer is truly unique and NOT available to the microblading community.
  • Who is a good candidate for Lip Blushing?
    Anyone who has dark spots, loss of color in certain areas and/or would like a more defined, symmetrical, younger-fuller looking lips. Say goodbye to lipstick and fillers!
  • How do I prepare for any of my procedures?
    - Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days before - Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face - Do not have any type of facial/peel 2 weeks prior to treatment - Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products 1 week prior to treatment - Do not work out the day of the procedure - Do not have botox 2 weeks prior - Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E two weeks prior (natural blood thinners) - In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit: - Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your procedure - Do not consume caffeine before your procedure - Do not take an aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood) DO wash your hair the day of appointment (brows can't get wet for 7 days)
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