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When You Can Choose the Inventor of microblading Correction from the Start?

When it comes to your brows, why settle for anything less than perfection? Opt for the artist who not only creates stunning brows but also pioneered the correction process from day one. Choose Kelly Newton, the visionary who invented Microblading Correction, ensuring your beauty journey starts and ends with excellence.


Our innovative technique ensures results that are not only stunning but also lasts longer, with no need for constant touchups.

At Best Brows, we're all about enhancing your natural beauty. We meticulously craft brows that seamlessly blend with your unique features, giving you the most natural-looking results. Whether you've experienced eyebrow loss or grapple with patchy growth, Best Brows is your trusted partner in restoring your facial appearance and, most significantly, rekindling your self-confidence.

  • We are less invasive

  • More Natural-looking

  • Lasts longer

  • No touchups required

No Brows No Problem

no brows??? no problem


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