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Learn the future of brows today!

Discover a New Career or
Perfect Your Brow Mastery

Learn the future of brows today!

Unlock Secrets That Work 


Tone match for the most natural looking results with our fool proof system

You Will Learn How To:


Map properly in under 10 mins

Benefits of Best Brows vs Microblading


Apply our exclusive hair flow/hair stroke technique

No Touch-Ups Required

No Downtime

No Scabbing

No Kidding

Wake up and start a new career today!

 Our training program will provide you with all the necessary tools to start your new career in permanent make-up and earn $350-$500 per hour. Start today!


Enroll today in our Advanced Course!

Be different and offer your clients an exclusive experience. The Best Brow technique is done with an advanced machine creating the finest hair strokes that are precise and natural looking...offering your clients professional results that last up to 3 years. Start today!

What Our Students Say

The best training hands down. I took a microblading course before this and was completely lost. With this training I felt comfortable in my own home going at my own pace. Thanks Kelly!

Angela, FL

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