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Women with Nano Brows



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Natural-Looking Excellence

Our artistry conjures delicate, hair-like strokes, ensuring results that are as natural as they are stunning. Say goodbye to unnatural looking brows.


Long-Lasting Results

Forget about frequent touch-ups. Our method offers lasting beauty that endures, saving you time and money in the long run.


Effortless Healing

Say farewell to unsightly scabs and ointments. Under our expert care, the healing process is a breeze, leaving you looking fabulous every day.


Expertise You Can Trust

Kelly Newton isn't just an artist; she's a pioneer in the world of beauty. With her mastery, you can trust that you're in the hands of a true professional.


Personalized Solutions

We understand that each client is unique. Our tailored microblading correction plans address your specific needs, ensuring natural-looking results. 

New Nano Brows

New Brows

Microblading Correction

microblading correction

Lip Blushing at Best Brows

lip blushing

Kelly Newton - Founder & Inventor


Kelly Newton is not just an innovator; she's a game-changer in the world of permanent makeup. Her groundbreaking technique has shattered the limitations of the popular yet problematic microblading method. While microblading may have its roots in foreign lands for over 25 years, its introduction to the USA has been far from ideal. This technique involves using a razor and hand to create painful incisions, injecting pigment into these wounds in the hope that it will endure. But, alas, the aftermath is often a nightmarish journey through scar tissue, excessive bleeding, and the dreaded need for frequent touch-ups, leaving clients questioning the wisdom of their choice and the condition of their skin.


Enter Kelly Newton, a beacon of hope for those seeking a better way. Her pioneering approach to permanent makeup is nothing short of a revelation. It's less invasive, astoundingly natural-looking, and impressively long-lasting. The need for those troublesome touch-up procedures is eliminated entirely. Kelly wields a facial machine and handpiece armed with a fine needle, conjuring delicate, hair-like strokes that are nothing short of artistry. What's truly remarkable is that her clients often experience next to no bleeding during the procedure. It's as if she's rewritten the rules of beauty, leaving the outdated methods of the past in her creative dust.


The healing process under Kelly's masterful hand is a breeze, sans ointments and unsightly scabs. Instead, clients emerge from her care looking fabulous every single day. Kelly Newton's story is more than just about innovation; it's about a revolution in the world of beauty, rescuing countless individuals from the clutches of subpar results and painful procedures. She's not just an artist; she's a savior for those who seek the ultimate in permanent makeup excellence.

"Kelly gave me a natural transformation on my brows and lips! I have worked in this industry for many years and by far give her a 10 rating instead of a 5. I get so many compliments!"
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